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Investing in
Real Estate Projects
At A1 Capital, we invest in value-driven development and repositioning projects.

By seeking out high-quality assets in premier locations with exceptional redevelopment or repositioning potential, we limit risk while cultivating high returns.

After determining the viability of each project, we invest our own capital alongside our partners and investors. To date, our efforts have resulted in consistent returns in an ever-growing portfolio.
Implementing Key Strategies Refining Our Approach
We generate tangible value for our investors through development and repositioning of assets with underutilized potentials.
With a seasoned team of young industry professionals and an in-depth knowledge of Canada real estate markets, we seek out untapped opportunities with high growth potential.
To begin our process, we identify and source new opportunities using a combination of on and off-market channels.
We then leverage our in-house underwriting capability to assess risk while determining the optimal investment strategy.
As we work with best-in-class developers who are adept at the entitlement process, we maintain a hands-on approach to ensure uncompromising quality. This includes monitoring progress, communicating with all parties through our investor relations team, and generating reports that are accessible through our innovative investor portal.
Throughout the process, our local, political, and city-wide connections enable us to operate on a smooth and predictable trajectory.
Every step of the way, we stay true to our principled investment philosophy that is centered on investor ROI.

A1 Diffrence

Putting our investors first
We believe that collaboration is the hallmark of a successful partnership. We begin each partnership with a shared understanding of the goals and interests of our investors. We then make investor-first decisions that generate high ROI with the optimal timing, terms, and risk allowance.
Maintaining full transparency
As we execute sophisticated structuring agreements, investment evaluations, and acquisitions, we ensure absolute clarity and transparency for our investors. Throughout the project development and management processes, our partners have access to updates, reports, financial data, and communication pathways through our cutting-edge investor portal, offering access to the latest digital tools in a sleek and easy-to-use interface.
Achieving consistently high returns
With a steady track record of attractive realized returns, our results-oriented team is adept at transforming project proposals into tangible ROI. We are constantly seeking out attractive real estate investments, selecting only the most favorable opportunities to support current and future investors.
Combining Our Diverse Skillsets to Deliver Premier Investment Returns
Meet the team responsible for an expansive and growing portfolio of quality real estate development and repositioning projects. By taking a bold yet calculated approach to investing, our private equity real estate investment firm has built a reputation of integrity, devotion, and results.
Ramin Jalalpour


Rouh Ramezani


Baha Alaei

Director of Finance

Joseph Tavana


Jaime Cahill

Senior Investment Associate

Naziha Ali